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We are specialized in Mercedes service. We provide regular Mercedes oil service, Mercedes major service & minor service. Our Mercedes experts ensure that your Mercedes always receives timely attention, keeping it in pristine condition. Regular maintenance is very important for any car and our beloved Benz is no exception. Get in contact with us to get a quote for your Mercedes service today!

 Every moment counts in preserving your Mercedes-Benz’s legacy. Dial our Mercedes service experts now to secure your appointment for Mercedes major service, Mercedes minor service or Mercedes service overdue!

General Mercedes Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your Mercedes-Benz is not just about ensuring its optimal performance, it’s about safeguarding its legacy. To ensure your Mercedes retains its pristine condition and unrivaled driving experience, we’ve delineated a Mercedes maintenance schedule based on accumulated kilometers. Mercedes major service & Mercedes minor service, along with these Mercedes maintenance schedules are a testament to our commitment to keeping your Mercedes-Benz at its peak. While this Mercedes Benz maintenance schedule provides a robust guideline, it’s paramount to complement our recommendations with insights from your Mercedes instruction manual. Together, they form the blueprint for the optimal care and longevity of your cherished Mercedes.

10,000 km Mercedes Benz Service:
A foundational check to ensure your Mercedes starts its journey with impeccable care.
  • Oil and filter change.
  • Tire rotation and pressure check.
  • Brake pad inspection.
  • Fluid level checks (engine coolant, windshield wiper, and brake fluid).
  • Battery health assessment. Basic visual
  • inspection of belts and hoses.
20,000 km Mercedes Benz Service:
A comprehensive evaluation building on the initial checks, ensuring longevity.
  • Full synthetic motor oil replacement.
  • Tire alignment and balancing.
  • Detailed brake system examination, including brake fluid replacement.
  • Replacement of the cabin air filter.
  • Fuel system check.
  • Transmission fluid inspection.
  • Check for software updates and ensure all systems are up-to-date.
30,000 km Mercedes Benz  Service:
An intermediate service aimed at maintaining your Mercedes’ youthful vigor as it matures.
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement if needed.
  • Comprehensive suspension system check.
  • Exhaust system evaluation.
  • Detailed inspection of the drive belts.
  • Advanced battery health check.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Steering system evaluation.
40,000 km Mercedes Benz Service:
A robust analysis ensures that even as your vehicle ages, its performance remains timeless.
  • Complete coolant system flush and replacement.
  • Brake rotor inspection and potential replacement.
  • Transmission fluid replacement.
  • Differential fluid check and top-up.
  • Fuel injector cleaning.
  • Comprehensive inspection of safety systems including airbags and seatbelts.
  • Deep inspection of the HVAC system.
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Mercedes Service Center

Mercedes Minor Service - Service A Mercedes Benz​

Mercedes Benz Service A is more than just routine upkeep; it’s a dedicatedly crafted series of checks and measures designed to preserve the Mercedes’s elegance, performance, and safety. Typically, this exclusive service is due after the first year or around 16,000 km, a pivotal point ensuring your Benz runs as smoothly as the day it graced your driveway. 

The price of Mercedes service A depends upon multiple factors. The specific make and model of your Mercedes-Benz and the Mercedes’s unique needs based on driving conditions and style, can lead to variations in pricing. On average, the estimated price range for Mercedes service A in Dubai can hover between 735 AED and 1,470 AED, although deviations are possible based on the aforementioned criteria. Essentially, this investment not only covers immediate service but also promises long-term peace of mind and optimal performance.

What’s Included in Mercedes Service A?
  • Mercedes oil and filter change, using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
  • Detailed Mercedes tire inspection, rotation, and pressure adjustment.
  • Comprehensive Mercedes brake component examination, including brake fluid replacement.
  • Mercedes fluid level checks and adjustments, based on set factory standards.
  • Mercedes windshield wiper inspection and wiper fluid top-up.
  • Mercedes reset maintenance counter.
  • Mercedes interior cabin filter inspection and potential replacement.

Service B Mercedes Benz - Mercedes Major Service

Mercedes service is often known as Mercedes major service. Mercedes Delving deeper than its predecessor, Service A, the Service B Mercedes Benz encapsulates a broader spectrum of checks, enhancing the vehicle’s long-term performance and safety. With Dubai’s demanding terrains and unique driving conditions, this paramount service is recommended typically after the first 32,000 kilometers, ensuring that your Mercedes retains its iconic grace and unmatched prowess.

The variant of your Mercedes-Benz and your driving habits can make a difference about what Mercedes major service is going to cost.. In the heart of Dubai, the anticipated price range for this holistic service oscillates between 1,050 AED and 2,500 AED. Yet, it’s essential to perceive this not as an expenditure but as an investment, ensuring the Mercedes’s majestic presence on the roads for many kilometers to come.

What’s Included in Mercedes Service B?
  • Mercedes oil and filter replacement using genuine Mercedes Benz parts.
  • Transmission System Inspection
  • Suspension System Check
  • Mercedes tire checking, ensuring optimal pressure and rotation.
  • Mercedes brake system evaluation, inclusive of essential fluid replacements.
  • Mercedes fluid assessments, harmonizing them with the brand’s stringent standards.
  • Mercedes windshield and wiper system review.
  • Resetting of the Mercedes maintenance counter.
  • Belt, hose, and intricate connection assessments.
  • Advanced Mercedes cabin filter diagnostics and if necessary, premium replacements.
  • Mercedes battery health check and efficiency optimization.
  • Comprehensive inspection of the Mercedes’s suspension and underlying chassis.

Service Codes For Mercedes Interval Services

Navigating the intricate tapestry of Mercedes-Benz models, each with its distinct character and demands, our Mercedes service center has cultivated an unmatched expertise in personalized care. Beyond the renowned Service A Mercedes Benz and Service B Mercedes Benz, we’ve professionally crafted a suite of bespoke Mercedes service packages, each echoing the unique heartbeat of different Mercedes models. It’s this understanding and the flexibility to cater uniquely to every Mercedes and owner that sets us apart.

As the trusted guardians of the iconic Mercedes emblem, we do more than just standard Mercedes services and Mercedes repair. We craft unique automotive experiences, affirming our position as the top choice for Mercedes care. With us, your Mercedes is more than just a vehicle; it’s celebrated and cherished.

  • Service A0 Mercedes
  • Mercedes Benz A1 Service
  • Mercedes Benz A2 Service
  • Mercedes Benz A3 Service
  • Mercedes Benz A4 Service
  • Mercedes Benz A5 Service
  • Mercedes Service A6
  • Mercedes Benz A7 Service
  • A8 Service Mercedes
  • Service A9 Mercedes
  • Service B0 Mercedes
  • Service B1 Mercedes
  • Service B2 Mercedes
  • Service B3 Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz B4 Service
  • Service B5 Mercedes
  • B6 Mercedes Service
  • Mercedes Benz B7 Service
  • Mercedes B8 Service
  • Service B9 Mercedes

Within the expansive range of Mercedes’ tiered service packages, the A0 to A9 services cater to Mercedes’s evolving needs. The A0 service emphasizes basic Mercedes checks and synthetic motor oil replacements. A1 introduces oil filter replacements, while A2 ensures all fluid levels are optimal. By the A3 service, air filter replacements become paramount, and A4 delves deeper with a detailed brake system inspection. A5 focuses on radiator and coolant assessments, with A6 emphasizing a comprehensive electrical systems examination. 

A7 stands out for its transmission fluid and filter replacements, A8 targets Mercedes’s suspension system, and finally, the A9 service offers a thorough engine diagnostic. For the specific needs of your Mercedes-Benz model, always consult Mercedes specialists at our Mercedes service center to ensure precision care.

The B-series commences with the B0 service, which is centered on advanced Mercedes diagnostics. B1 service delves into a thorough brake and rotor inspection. B2 service underscores the importance of Mercedes transmission system checks and adjustments. B3 is characterized by its comprehensive fuel system assessment. With B4, attention is directed to the Mercedes’s exhaust and emission systems. B5 zeroes in on the cooling system, ensuring optimal temperature regulation. B6 brings the drivetrain and differential to the forefront. 

B7 service spotlights the health and integrity of the Mercedes’s chassis. B8 emphasizes comprehensive tire and alignment diagnostics, and B9 culminates the series with complete Mercedes overhauling and fine-tuning.

At our Mercedes Benz service center, we understand that every Mercedes owner has unique needs. That’s why our service packages aren’t just standard lists; they’re flexible to match exactly what your Mercedes requires. Interested in a service tailored just for your Mercedes? Talk to our Mercedes service specialists. 

They’re here to help you identify the best care for your Mercedes and provide a personalized quote. Trust us to give your Mercedes the attention and expertise it deserves, making sure it’s always at its best.

Independent Mercedes Service Near Me

Discovering a sanctuary for your cherished Mercedes-Benz can often seem like navigating a maze. Yet, in your quest for the independent Mercedes Benz service center near me, look no further. At the heart of our commitment is an unwavering dedication to quality—a quality that doesn’t conceal hidden charges or ambiguous promises.

Whether your Mercedes Benz is a vintage treasure or the latest marvel, our artisans, steeped in expertise, treat every model with the reverence it deserves. As a leading Mercedes workshop in UAE, we’ve built our reputation not merely on skills, but on trust and transparency. In a world full of choices, we invite you to experience service that’s as legendary as the star it represents. Trust us, for here, every Mercedes isn’t just serviced, it’s celebrated. Get complete Mercedes major service & Mercedes minor service at our independent Mercedes service center in Dubai.

Mercedes Service Overdue

Neglecting the scheduled service for your Mercedes-Benz isn’t just about an overdue date on your calendar; it’s about the health, efficiency, and longevity of your luxury Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz, known globally for its engineering precision and impeccable performance, designs its vehicles to operate at their best when maintained regularly. 

Overlooking or postponing these Mercedes service intervals can lead to minor issues escalating into major problems, potentially incurring more significant repair costs in the future. Furthermore, an overdue service can hamper the Mercedes’s performance, reduce fuel efficiency, and even compromise safety. To ensure your Mercedes remains the epitome of luxury, power, and reliability, adhering to its service schedule is paramount.

Signs Your Mercedes Service Might Be Overdue:
  • Warning Lights: The most obvious sign is the appearance of service or engine warning lights on your Mercedes dashboard.
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: If you’re filling up more often than usual, it might be time for a Mercedes service.
  • Unusual Noises: Any new or strange sounds be it a rattle, squeal, or knock can indicate Mercedes overdue maintenance.
  • Performance Lag: Experiencing reduced acceleration, Mercedes engine stalling, or other performance issues.
  • Braking Concerns: If Mercedes brakes are less responsive or produce a squeaking sound.
  • Gear Slippage: Trouble in shifting Mercdes gears, especially in automatic Mercedes transmissions.
  • Uneven Tire Wear: This could indicate alignment issues, Mercedes suspension problems, or the need for Mercedes tire rotation.
  • Leaks: Any noticeable puddles or spots under your Mercedes could signal a Mercedes overdue service.
  • Unusual Smells: Odors, especially burning or rotten egg smells, can be a critical sign.
  • Routine Time Lapse: Simply realizing it’s been a long time since your last Mercedes scheduled service.

Why Choose Our Mercedes Benz Service Center?

Navigating the landscape of Mercedes service centers in the UAE can seem overwhelming, but what distinguishes the best from the rest? It’s a harmonious blend of quality, authenticity, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here’s why we proudly stand atop as the leading Mercedes service center in the UAE:

  • Genuine Mercedes Parts: We understand the soul of a Mercedes thrives on authenticity. That’s why we exclusively use genuine Mercedes Benz parts, ensuring your Mercedes retains its original integrity and performance.
  • Mercedes Mobile Service: Your convenience is paramount. Our Mercedes mobile service ensures that you get expert Mercedes service, even if you can’t make it to our Mercedes workshop. We come to you, to bridge the gap between convenience and quality.
  • Mercedes Roadside Assistance: A journey with a Mercedes is meant to be seamless. But on the off chance you face a hiccup, our Mercedes Benz roadside assistance is just a call away—ready to get you back on track.
  • Mercedes Experts: A masterpiece like a Mercedes requires a master’s touch. Our team comprises dedicated Mercedes experts who not only understand the technicalities but also the soul of every model.
  • Fair Pricing: Quality service doesn’t have to break the bank. We believe in transparent, fair pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your money without any hidden surprises.
  • Timely Service: We value your time. Our processes are optimized to ensure that your Mercedes is tended to promptly, getting you back on the road without unnecessary delays.
  • Unrivaled Experience: Beyond the tangible, it’s our years of experience and deep-rooted passion for Mercedes that set us apart. Every service is a testament to our dedication and love for the brand.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: We harness the latest technology in automotive care, ensuring your Mercedes gets the futuristic treatment it deserves.
  • Customized Care: Every Mercedes is unique, and so are its needs. Our Mercedes services are tailored, ensuring individual attention and care, resonating with your Mercedes’s specific requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Service Specialists For All Mercedes Models

At our Mercedes-Benz service center, we get it—every Mercedes car is special. That’s why we have a team of dedicated Mercedes specialists who know the ins and outs of every Mercedes model. Whether you drive a brand-new Mercedes or a classic one, our Mercedes experts are trained to give it the care it deserves. We handle all types and models, ensuring each gets top-quality service. Located in the UAE, our goal isn’t just to offer a regular Mercedes service, but to provide the best service tailored to your Mercedes’s needs. So, for unmatched care for your Mercedes in the UAE, trust our team. Here, your Mercedes is always in good hands.

Expert Mercedes Repair Services for All Models

Common Questions Regarding Mercedes Benz Service

Typically, a Mercedes Benz should undergo a service every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers, but always consult your car’s manual or our experts for a schedule tailored to your model.

Absolutely! Our Mercedes experts are trained to handle every model, from the classics to the latest releases, ensuring top-tier care for every Mercedes.

While it varies depending on the specific needs of your Mercedes, a standard service usually takes a few hours. We always aim for timely service without compromising on quality.

Yes, we understand the unpredictable situations of the road. Our Mercedes Roadside Assistance is available to help you out in unexpected situations.

Yes, our team comprises Mercedes specialists, each trained for specific models, ensuring expert care for every Mercedes.

While your Mercedes’s manual provides a guideline, our center also offers reminders, ensuring your Mercedes always runs smoothly.

We value loyalty. Regular customers can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts, making their Mercedes service experience even more rewarding.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If there’s any issue, please reach out immediately, and we’ll ensure it’s resolved to your utmost satisfaction.

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